ADA Accommodations

ADA Accommodations

If you or someone attending the service will need a sign language interpreter or a live captioning system for the service, please let the funeral director know as soon as possible. We have several ASL interpreters we work with who specialize in funeral services and we prefer to work directly with those interpreters. In rare circumstances, we will need to work with an agency or other independent interpreters.

In accordance with ADA laws, Oakwood will provide an interpreter for all events in which we are hired to plan or be at. With our current package options available, the only times in which we would not provide accommodations for are our Simply Cremation (no services) package and our Forwarding Deceased to Another Funeral Home package. There may be some other situations in which we would not be able to provide accommodations for but we strive to provide services whenever possible.

Common Questions About Accommodations

What if I am not a relative of the person who passed away and I am just a friend, church member, or a neighbor?

A funeral home or event facility is obligated to provide auxiliary aids or services for any person attending a public funeral event, no matter their relationship to the deceased

What if the gathering is at a facility that is not a funeral home, such as a golf course or a banquet hall?

The funeral home holds the first obligation to provide the auxiliary aids and services. If there is no funeral home hired for the services, then the event facility holds the second responsibility to provide the auxiliary aids and services. Note: Religious facilities are exempt

What if the family planned the funeral on their own and did not hire a funeral home to be a part of their services?

Funeral homes are not required to provide auxiliary aids and services for events they are not hired for. The event facility should provide accommodations. Note: Religious facilities are exempt.

Are funds available to help with costs if a funeral home is not present at the church?

Rarely, but yes, there are some funds available for the Greater Minnesota Area (outside of the 7 county metro). In 2019, those grant funds were designated by DHS with ASLIS. If you areinterested, call ASLIS to see if your family qualifies.

What if an accommodation cannot be found in time?

The funeral home or event facility should make every reasonable effort to provide auxiliary aids or services and proof they did so. The requestor should also request them in a timely manner.

To request accommodation for a funeral through Oakwood Family Funeral Home:
Call us at (651) 738-2198 or email us at


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